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Following the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of the world economy, started a period of relative poverty and isolation. The ecological imbalance due to the constantly growing population and the increasing of global warming threatening the existence of the world civilisation, finally led to a catastrophe.The signs of mass extinction were continually pointed out by activists and indicated by some artists and makers at the time.  


From the mid 20th century onwards, with the on-growing population and the requirements to keep up with the increasing needs of the developing society, there was also a rise of environmental degradation and destruction of ecosystems. These were reflected in levels of air and water pollution, major loss of forests, bleaching of coral reefs, and as a result the extinction of habitats and wildlife, and the miserable living conditions of farm animals.

The style of pottery at the time was diverse and gave way to new artistic tools, techniques, opportunities and ideas. Globalisation removed the boundaries between traditions and cultural motifs; people around the world were exposed to a wide range of inspirations and different ways of making. 

Objects on display in Room 13 demonstrate this cultural renaissance and the state of mind at the Time; mix of cultural influences in a work that reflect existential worries regarding the future. Among the artefacts are pieces of painted pottery which communicate the protest of the international movements of the time. Those movements tried to warn the world population from global warming and changes to the environment that were happening too fast and eventually lead to the 6th mass extinction. The 2000 year old relics were excavated from the underwater remains of the great city of London, that was completely flooded 1780 years ago. 

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